Uplighting is a great way to set the mood and ambiance of any party or event!



What is Uplighting?

Essentially it is lighting that is used to accent a variety of things aesthetically. It adds a classy effect to entire rooms.  It can create different ambience and moods throughout an evening.

What can it be used for?

Uplighting can be positioned to shine along perimeters of rooms, columns, walls, ceilings, pillars, and more. We can illuminate the underside of your head table, cake table, gift table, or any other accent point that you would like to be featured. Clients have used our uplighting to accent the underside of cars at expos and even the runways of fashion shows.

What type of lights are they?

All of our uplighting is composed of LED lights. Our uplighting is energy efficient and does not consume a large amount of electricity. The lights do not get hot and are safe to the touch.

What colors can the lights produce?

Our uplighting can be set to produce any color.

How does set up and tear down work?

Event Revolution staff will properly place uplighting at your event prior to start and tear down after the conclusion of the event.